Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and other Celestial Bodies

Australian Treaty Series Number[1967] ATS 24
Done at Place and Date Washington, 01/27/1967
Treaty Status (General) In Force
Treaty Status (Australia) In Force
Agreement Type Multilateral
DepositoryF & C O, London, US State Department Washington,
Status List Site
Australian Signature for Multilaterals at Place and DateWashington, 01/27/1967
Australian Implemention RequirementsSpace Activities Act 1998 (No 123 of 1998)
Entry into Force Generally, Date and Conditions10/10/1967
Entry into Force for Australia, Date and Conditions10/10/1967
Treaty Acceptance
1. Action and Date Ratification, 10/10/1967
1. Done at and DateLondon, Moscow, Washington, 10 October 1967
2. Action and Date
Treaty Withdrawal
1. Action and Date
2. Action and Date
Registered with UN
Other Series Numbers and Reference to TextAct 1998 No. 123; SD 10 p. 37 [SD1005]; UKTS 1968 No. 10 (Cmnd. 3519); Cmnd. 3198; UNTS 610 p. 205; ILM 6 p. 386; TIAS 6347; CTS 1967 No. 19; NZTS 1968 No. 8.
Amendments to Treaty and Notes
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